Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bowing to the inevitable

Apparently the top left and bottom right faces are cats ... You need to squint a bit!

When I started writing this blog, my children were very small - one had just started school, one was still at  nursery. They're quite a lot taller now, and live life at about a million miles an hour while I run behind trying to keep up with them.

But, I must confess that in the middle of all the after school activities and homework and house untidying, they manage to fit in quite a bit of time playing Minecraft. OK, a *lot* of time playing Minecraft. I haven't actually played myself, but they seem to be having a fine time building online worlds and playing together. And while in school holidays and at weekends it can seem to be taking over, I remind myself that they also both play instruments and belong to sports clubs, as well as being busy at school, and as a child I probably spent just as much time watching TV as they do playing.

Anyway, just before Christmas I saw a tutorial for making patchwork Minecraft cushions. For those who are unfamiliar, the faces are highly pixellated and translate easily into *very* simple patchwork. So, I started by making Steve, the face all players start off with. And then I moved on to Stampy Longnose, who is apparently some sort of cat. They're angling for more - including a rather disturbing looking squid! But I think perhaps they can make those themselves ...