Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wool and willow

The first basket I ever made was purple and yellow and traditionally used for collecting eggs. It's long since disappeared but had one (and only one) lovely feature - the handle was attached using a pattern called a God's eye. These days I used them not only for handles but also for tying together plant supports and trays, with split green willow. I adore them.

A couple of weeks back I was invited to take part in a fundraising day for a local community orchard, and to run an activity for some of the children who would be coming. It was tremendously hot and the willow I had carefully prepared was drying out too rapidly to be of any practical use. 

I had guessed this might be a problem so at the last minute I grabbed my basket of wool and proceeded to spend the next four hours showing small people how to make woollen God's eyes with willow twigs. Brilliant fun - ranging from very pretty pastel creations to some in the colours of World Cup teams!

There's something terrifically appealing about the way the stripes of colour harmonise and change depending on how they're ordered. I made them as a child and have always liked them; and when I read of their traditional use by the Huichol people of Mexico I fell in love with them just a little bit more - when a baby is born the father weaves the centre of the eye and a stripe is added each year until the child is five, in the hope of ensuring the good health of the baby.

So here we are in half term and while I crocheted and tweeted and hovered at the end of the table, the girls had their very own little weaving session. These are gradually taking over our house so we should be well protected with woolly amulets!

Apparently this one is in the colours of the Pride of Portree quidditch team ...

Here is a link to instructions if you'd like to make your own, including a variation on raised and recessed rows that I feel rather tempted to have a go at myself.