Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Justification for junk

My house is frequently a mess. There are boxes and boxes of wool and fabric stashed away (and frequently not stashed away), endless books of maths and Latin and violin and piano music, willow and rush offcuts on the kitchen floor, clean laundry piled on the beds waiting to be put away, a dishwasher full of clean dishes needing to be emptied and dirty ones stacked ready to replace them ... you get the picture.

But sometimes, just sometimes, my inability to throw anything away proves very useful. Today, for example, I am having lunch with a work friend but have no time to shop this morning and anyway, my knee makes shopping trips a trial rather than a pleasure at the moment. But ... last year I made a lot of jewellery for craft fairs, and I have some earrings and necklaces left along with the organza bags and pillow boxes and cord I used to package them. And look! There's a birthday card bought on the offchance of needing it one day. Sorted.

Also, last week the children's craft group at the local church wanted to make lighthouses, but the battery operated tealights they had ordered didn't arrive in time. Guess who just happened to have 30 stashed away ready for a project next year? 

And I'm finally getting round to making little penguins from a pattern I bought two Christmases ago. It calls for felt, stuffing, tiny black brads for eyes and empty mint tins. No problem.

I realise that having large bags of battery tealights is probably not normal behaviour. I'm hoping I can keep my tendencies in check sufficiently to avoid being featured on a Channel 4 special but it's touch and go ...

Please reassure me that I'm not alone - or am I?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Cure-all cookery

Tea & biscuits

A couple of weeks ago I hurt my knee in a ridiculous racing up the stairs and swerving suddenly incident. I'm having physio and doing my exercises, but the predicted recovery time is ... depressingly long. Perfect for sitting and weaving and knitting, hopeless for walking and stomping through leaves.


Anyway, this weekend it's been pretty sore and the weather hasn't helped my mood - it has been particularly grey and November-ish and yesterday I found myself craving biscuits. Not just any old biscuits - comforting, spicy, warm, knee healing biscuits. Magical biscuits.

K beater
The K beater from my beloved ancient Kenwood mixer. It belonged to my mother in law, and
is the same model my mum had when I was little. 

And as it turned out, non-existent biscuits - the cupboard was empty, and no one had the energy to go out and buy any. I thought of making some, but couldn't find any I liked the look of. It was that sort of day.


But today - well, today it's all come together in the form of a recipe from Country Homes and Interiors of all places. These biscuits are very sweet - possibly too sweet, if I'm honest. They're also a bit ramshackle - I don't think I chilled the dough for long enough and they spread with joyous abandon and all met up in a great big friendly biscuit cuddle. But paired with a cup of tea, they are *exactly* what I need this afternoon.

Biscuit hug

(I tried to find this recipe online but it doesn't seem to be up yet - this is my adaptation of their recipe as I didn't have all the ingredients they suggested)

Spice biscuits
120g butter
180g caster sugar
1 egg
3 tsp mixed spice
220g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder

Cream butter and sugar. Beat in egg & golden syrup. Add spice, flour & baking powder. Roll into a  cling filmed cylinder and chill for at least an hour - I think even longer would be better.

Slice dough and bake at 180C for 10-12 minutes. These get very crunchy as they cool - yum!