Monday, 20 May 2013

Wedding Bells

No, not for me - for my father-in-law and new mother-in-law (so happy to be able to type that!)

A couple of weekends ago we headed down to Surrey to celebrate with Mr DC's dad and his fiancee -  a lovely, very emotional ceremony, followed by lunch at a local pub and then a garden party. Which makes it sound so much less extraordinary than it was.

My little girls were bridesmaids; they spent the week beforehand practising walking in their pretty wedding shoes and having their hair fiddled with. On the day Mr DC lent a hand with curling their hair when we realised we were cutting it a bit fine to deliver the groom to the registry office in time - he is quietly very proud of the compliments their hairstyles received.

They took the walk up the aisle terribly seriously, and posed for lots of photographs. At lunchtime they made very grown up conversation but I think they were secretly glad to change into their ordinary clothes and head into the garden for an afternoon of tree climbing and hammock swinging.

The happy couple are away on a walking honeymoon - because they are far more active than we are and when they're not gardening, they're off with the Ramblers.

At the heart of the weekend was much laughter, and fond memories of beloved relatives who are no longer with us but were never far from our thoughts - and the excitement at the thought of lots and lots and LOTS of extra cousins and aunts and ... I have no idea how the relationships now officially work but there were about thirty people in the "immediate family" photo!