Thursday, 1 August 2013

Making memories

The last few weeks have fairly flown by in a whirl of school trips, reports, leavers' parties and end of year productions - where Tiny Small played a woman taking in evacuees and Tall Small played the part of one of those lonely children, singing her solo song so beautifully she reduced fully half the audience to tears.

But long before that, in the dim darkness of late winter when summer seemed an impossible dream, we cheered ourselves up by booking tickets for the Cambridge Folk Festival. We went for a single day last year and had a whale of a time so this year we decided to go for the full festival as it falls in the first week of school holidays.

As the website announced more and more names who'd be playing - Bellowhead! KT Tunstall!  - excitement levels grew to fever pitch until finally, finally the day arrived. Last Thursday we all piled into the car and set off for four days of sun, music, dancing and OK, a little bit of rain but we had waterproofs so didn't really care. Tiny Small was so inspired by Heidi Talbot she spent her pocket money on a purple ukulele and queued up shyly to have her music book signed and her photo taken with her heroine, and floated away on a happy little cloud afterwards.

It was wonderful. Start to finish fabulous, and as a result this Monday felt a bit like the day after Christmas. I couldn't bear to throw away my wristband and thought about turning it into a bracelet but decide I'd never actually wear it. So instead, I've turned it into a keyring and one day, when I have my own shed for pottering about in, it will be attached to the key for that. I made one for Tall Small from her wristband too - hers is destined to be an ID tag for her schoolbag.

My henna bracelet is fading but we have lots of memories - and lots of new music on our ipods. Roll on next July!