Monday, 14 January 2013

Ticker tapes

I have been trying to live by my New Year motto of just doing what needs to be done instead of dithering about; so while the house is still not spotless it is better than it was, and there is food in the fridge and homework is done. My biggest change has been managing to pack lunches for my girls the night before they need them, when the 20 minutes it takes is barely noticed; rather than the school morning scramble when that  same 20 minutes means I run out of time to eat breakfast.

 So, when I saw Amanda's instructions for a ticker tape canvas I knew that instead of putting it off I should just make one, then I realised that our hallway was a bit empty after taking down the decorations and that rather than putting up the same old pictures I could make some new ones. So I did. And here they are. The canvases were only 99p each at The Works so with a pot of Mod Podge the whole lot came in at just over 10 quid, which I think is a bargain.

I couldn't be more pleased with them - and the bonus is that everyone else in the house likes them too. Result!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Just do it

I've been trying to think of a word or phrase to sum up what I hope to achieve in 2013. Apparently this is the modern alternative to making the same resolutions year after year. I have thought about "Courage", "Patience", "Perseverance" but in the end I realised that the twin things that mostly hold me back are lack of confidence and a tendency to procrastinate. I decided that instead of a word, I should try a phrase, and that "Just do it" seemed to fit. I realise it sounds like an advert for running shoes, and I toyed with alternatives - "Do it now" sounds too bossy, "Just get on with it" sounds too impatient. So, there it is.

I've been putting off posting until I had something insightful to say, or a brilliant idea, or something gorgeous to photograph, but in the spirit of my new approach, I have spent the morning sorting out my taxes, throwing out junk and working at school. I now find myself with an hour till I pick up the children and really just needing to post something, to prove that this blog is still here, and I am still here, even if no-one is out there!

So instead I give you some views from my home today - huge bedspreads for my girls in the middle of hand quilting, a very delicious lunch of salmon fishcakes with a rocket, lambs lettuce and tahini salad, and a bowl of tempting supplies for a spot of hand beading. The sun is out, there are a few green shoots poking up from daffodils I shoved into the corner of a flower bed as I emptied the pots last year, and I have a pot of Earl Grey ready to go. And in the background of those photos, a very kind hand me down - a very old Macbook that is no longer needed by its previous owner, but that is getting lots of use here, and is sufficiently behind the times that it isn't tempting to anyone else in the house!