Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The activity advent rides again!

For the past few years, like many, many other bloggers I've set up an activity advent for my girls to mark the passage of December days. When they were little I was very strict about keeping chocolate out of it, and about trying to introduce them to international celebrations. These days, not so much. It's more about forcing them to write Christmas cards and make presents for their teachers: "Look, it's in the calendar! That means it's FUN!" I must admit I thought they might have grown out of it but no, they were adamant about having one this year, so here we go again.

Last year I set myself the ridiculous task of posting every day about the small activities. Obviously I didn't keep that up - my health visitor used to tell me off about "Setting myself up to fail" when Tall Small was a baby, but I took no notice then either. So, this year I'm going to aim to post just a few times with more photos in each one.

First off, the calendar itself. Last year's envelope string was pretty but impractical - the envelopes kept falling off and it all ended up looking alarmingly saggy. So, this year, when I spotted little trees on pinksuedeshoe, I got terribly excited. They ended up being a bit fiddly (I have said before that I Don't Do papercraft) but each little tree safely holds a couple of chocolates and a slip of paper with a Christmassy picture and an illegibly scrawled activity.

So far we have had:

1. Make snowman milk - alarmingly addictive, milk with a tiny bit of gingerbread syrup and a marshmallow decorated to look like a snowman's head. The bottles are empty frappuccinos from a coffee shop that shall remain nameless.

2. Give coffee, tea and sugar to Jimmy's night shelter - a local homeless shelter. We do this every year.

3. Make up felt decoration kits - these are from lovely Sarah at paper-and-string (and John Lewis too!)

Tonight we have to decorate some crackers and make little elf houses. And the Brownie Christmas party. And now I have to go and make sparkly stuff for a stall I'm having at the school fair on Sunday. Oh help.