Monday, 12 March 2012

Knit Relief

If you're in the UK you will no doubt be aware that it's Sport Relief time again. We've been enjoying Let's Dance for Sport Relief, as we always do, though this year the Smalls are big enough to get passionately excited about their favourites and terribly upset if they don't get through.

Anyway. Another event that is a bit smaller but no less exciting is Knit Relief, organised by the very talented Teen Granny. Lots of people are donating knitting/crochet related items for auction to raise funds for Sport Relief, and there are already some very tempting items up for grabs.

So what do I have to do with this? Well, apart from having my eye on a couple of lots (step away from the amigurumi octopuses because they *are* coming to live with me), I decided I'd like to donate something, but what? I had various ideas, but in the end remembered I'd seen a pattern for a very clever knitting/craft bag at U-handbag, and after waiting for the hardware to arrive (less than 24 hours after ordering, people - Lisa and her team of elves are truly amazing!) I got sewing and made two bags, one for me and one for the auction.

The bags have different linings but are otherwise identical, with detachable shoulder straps, boning and brass feet to help them stand up, and a secret hidden pocket for special supplies.

But the best part is the closure - it's a bit like those little coin purses where you press the sides and they pop open, but these ones are much larger and pop open to a hexagonal shape and stay that way till you decide to close them.

Anyway, the person who decides to bid on a bag will have their choice of either turquoise birdies or vintage style roses in the lining - I like them both so I am happy with whichever one is left.

If you get the chance, do pop over to see Scarlett and find out what else is on offer - you'll be glad you did!

PS Sorry that my blogroll is temporarily missing - one of the sites I had on my bloglist is apparently classed as "suspicious" so it was flagging up malware warnings in google chrome. The easiest way to get rid of it was to remove the blogroll until I can purge my list of defunct links.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Sketching on the run

I was very brave this weekend. I ordered some fabric from Celtic Fusion fabrics (brilliant service, glorious range) and rather than hoard it and take it out occasionally to stroke it, I actually cut into it and used it all up. This is a big step forward for me. I seem to have a subconscious fear that if I use up my favourite fabrics I will never ever find anything I like nearly as much for some as yet unplanned future project. Sheer madness.

Anyway, I needed to use special fabric this weekend because Tall Small has gone away on a class residential trip for two nights, which is one night longer than she's ever done away from us before. Blimey. She has printed out photos, selected the perfect teddy to take with her, chosen some new slippers and jimjams (and I packed her thermal long johns because it's flipping freezing today and they'll be outside for hours). For my part I decided to make her a travelling drawing kit, having seen the pattern at JCasa ages and ages ago.

And Tiny Small needed one too - this is actually hers. There is a pocket for small pencils, another for stickers and a third for a notebook. I shifted the central pocket up because I like it better that way, though it did introduce an element of wonkiness that's not entirely pleasing. Mind you, it matches the dodgy topstitching. I promise that in real life it is fairly straight but the pencils pulled it out of shape, That's my story, anyway.

Tall Small's is identical inside but has the cover guarded by some wise old owls. I do love the owls and the birds very much indeed.

The original called for a memo pad but I have a soft spot for mini moleskines and very slightly modified the pattern so I could fit one in. They're perfect for drawing pictures on yourself with your big sister when you miss her

and for listing all the games you'll play together when she comes home again.