Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Undercaffeinated woman, step away from the keyboard

Right now, the most frustrating sentence in the English language appears to be "Is it an emergency?" Well, no, no-one has an arm hanging off, and I am not about to go trudging off to A&E, but I have someone who doesn't feel 100% and has gone into school tearfully. The second most frustrating sentence definitely is, "You should have phoned at 8.30." I'm sorry, I tried at 8.30 but the lines were engaged and the school bell rings at 8.40 and we have already cut it too fine twice this week and I tried to use my mobile on the way back but the sounds of the school buses and lorries thundering past made it impossible to hear, and anyway, it's now only 8.50.

And, breathe.

Tiny Small is more than likely fine. Just before half term she had the horrible high temperature coldy fluey bug that's been doing the rounds and has been grotty since. I think she's probably fighting something off, and more than that she just seems off. Tomorrow is probably soon enough if she's still complaining in the morning. But the thing that galls me is that I know full well that if I'd been a bit less honest, a bit more bolshy, I would have taken that 11.30 emergency appointment and had my mind set at rest.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject, has anybody else in the UK noticed that the newest bottles of 6+ Calpol have had the dosage instructions changed so that what last week was a reasonable amount to give a 7 year old with a temperature nudging 40 would this week be an overdose?

And I got cross with Tall Small when she told me as we went into school that she had forgotten to do her homework. She hadn't written it down and I didn't know she was meant to have done it. So did I comfort her, wipe her tears and calmly go in to explain to her teacher, or did I first throw a hissy fit in the entrance hall? See if you can guess.

Rant over. I think. Here's the plan: Look at the new fishtank instead. Put the kettle on. Do a bit of exercise (steady). Just get on with it.


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A bit of a ponder

If you read the same blogs as I do, you may well have read accounts of a lovely get together that happened last weekend at Tracy's house. She very kindly hosted a meeting of like minded bloggers, and it was, as ever, a treat and a privilege to spend time in the company of Tracy, Monica, Ali, Alice, Emma (special thanks for driving this country bumpkin down the the Big City), Nancy and Julie. We missed Kristina - but we all promised a repeat at some time. It was a truly magical day - huge hugs and thank yous to all of you.

At one point the conversation turned to "How long do you think you'll keep blogging for? Will you know when there's an end point?" As we pondered, someone very fairly commented that really, I have already stopped blogging, and I suppose to all intents and purposes that's true. I seem to have got out of the habit of responding to those of you kind enough to comment here, and I leave fewer and fewer comments on other blogs, neither of which are habits I'm proud of. I didn't even have a camera with me on Saturday, for goodness' sake.

But here's the rub - I still think of myself as a blogger. This space has given me so much pleasure, and brought so many friendships both real life and virtual that I would feel lost without it. It's been a place where I have recorded important parts of my life - admittedly not the grotty bits, but I doubt they'd make for interesting reading. I started Dottycookie in 2007 when I was still working and when my children were really tiny. Now they're older and my blogging time is stolen by homework and after school activities and cooking (they actually eat these days, which is a blessed relief). I think I actually spend more time making "stuff" but less time photographing it. Through this blog and the people I've "met" I found the courage to finally sell things I'd made, and while it's a small turnover, it is steady and that brings me great joy.

I think perhaps I haven't stopped blogging, just slowed down. Maybe this year I'll post more, maybe  I won't but I think for me that feels fine - your blog is what you want it to be and the people who like it and connect with it are more than likely people you'll want to spend time with, whether that's online or in someone's kitchen eating salad and cake. And those people are the ones who do get to see the messy bits behind the sparkly colourful photos - just like in "real life".