Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Double digits

Ten years ago I was panicking in a hospital bed in the maternity hospital in Cambridge while Mr DC tried his best to look excited rather than terrified. It was the due date for our first baby and we'd been booked in for a Caesarean owing to her predicted size compared to mine (I refuse to call it elective since that sounds as if I wanted to have one, took a LONG time to get over the guilt of that!). We waited and waited until finally going up to theatre at lunchtime where I breathed my way through the mahoosive needle in the back moment and tried not to weep (and therefore wriggle) or throw up as she was delivered. We waited breathlessly for the cry, as all new parents do, and then wondered how on earth I was going to hold on to her on the journey to the recovery room while I couldn't feel my legs.

Now here we are 10 wonderful years later.

She was, and is, perfect and gorgeous - and tall! At this rate she'll be taller than me by the time she's 11, but there's still a long way to go to catch up with her father.

Today we have home made smiley faces to take into school, and the now traditional mega card - an idea originally from Chez Beeper Bebe which we have made our own. Ten cards numbered 1-10 with an appropriate number of small gifts on each one, and which was the only thing the birthday girl actually requested. She did receive many other presents, but it is getting harder and harder to shop for her. She says she's too big for toys now. Sigh.

Love you, little big one!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Earning a crust

I've been a busy bee over the last couple of weeks. All the usual stuff, plus eight days or so helping out a curtain making workshop in the village - being paid to sew, woohoo! I wasn't making curtains though -  the lovely ladies there have a semi regular contract to make special gloves that mimic the effects of arthritis and are sold to various companies so they can design their products with arthritis sufferers in mind. You can see them here; they are bizarre to wear and very fiddly to make - right up my street!

I've also been continuing my love affair with tiny beads and pretty stones - here's a piece of rose quartz mounted in a peyote stitch bezel made with silver Japanese delica beads - each weeny bead is a tiny flat edged cylinder so they stack up gorgeously when stitched together. There's always a magical moment with these when you've added just enough rows of beads and tightened them just enough that the stone stops feeling like it;s about to leap out and feels securely held. Every one is a bit different depending on the shape of the stone being enclosed. 

I love them.