Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Messing with my metabolism

I am supposed to be Cutting Down and Losing Weight. I am supposed to be Reducing My Intake of Refined Carbohydrates, and generally being sensible ahead of the upcoming seasonal festivities. I have recently realised that sugar is in fact my nemesis - some people go for alcohol, some for more socially unacceptable substances but I am here to say, "Hello, my name is Val and I am a sugar addict."

So did it really make sense to go on a cupcake decorating course today? Probably not, but it was a lot of fun. We played with sugar paste and lustre and glitter and sugar pearls. I learned to make complicated multipetalled sugar roses (though I think I shall stick to making them in polymer clay).

Even with all the complicated techniques, I think I prefer very simple rolled rosebuds and a bit of glitter.

And actually, the fewer, the better.

I never thought I'd say that.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Show your spots!!!

No, not an ad for Clearasil.

As most people in the UK (and certainly anyone with primary school aged children) will know, today is Children in Need day.:

You may also know that Matt Baker has been riding a rickshaw from Edinburgh to London to raise money, and we were very excited to realise that his route took him 6 feet from our front door. He was leaving Cambridge at silly o'clock but he has an online GPS tracker that showed his progress and lo and behold he came cycling past at 6.15am!


Two (TWO!) cameras refused to take pictures but fortunately Mr DC's shiny phone did the job beautifully. If this video works you will not only see Matt and Pudsey in the dark, but will hear Tall Small calling out "He's here!", my panicked cries of "It's not working, it's not working!" and please note how calm my husband is in response. Living with the rest of us, believe me, he needs to be.

My children were beyond excited, and I have to admit I actually jumped up and down. I have a feeling we won't make it all the way through the broadcast tonight! Go, Matt, go!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Just when I thought I was heading into the home straight with making stock (thank you very much to the lovely ladies who bought hairbands from me after the last post!) I was distracted.

Destined to be stuck onto brooch baaaaaaacks.

Well, wouldn't you be?

I had the chance to take a Fimo course at our local craft shop, and made loveliness for the upcoming winter festivities (ahem) which I will show you in the fullness of time; but since I came home I have been making non seasonal flowery and sheepy pieces. I find them all the more appealing because their coats appear to be made from Swiss rolls. And remind me that my very favourite village names are Sheepy Magna and Sheepy Parva. I always smile when I see those on a map.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Overdosing on sparkle

It's been a bit of a frantic few weeks here. It's not so much that I fell out of love with blogging, it's more that we changed our camera and computer setup and I upped my volunteering commitments *and* I decided to do two craft shows in the run up to Christmas and ... well, you can imagine the rest. I apologise for the slightly blurry pictures, I am still trying to get used to the new camera and having no daylight doesn't help.

Rewind a couple of months to the summer holidays (remember those?) While we were away I had time to finally make a couple of tiaras for a pair of fairy princesses; one is for a pink and sparkly fairy, the other for a mermaidish sea princess.

I am not thrilled by the wire twisting (I was making it up as I went along) but I rapidly fell in love with the jewel encrusted bands and decided that they would make the most fabulously girly headbands to make for special presents. And so they do. I may have got a little bit carried away ...

PS to Kim - thank you for your message about problems with permissions - I think I've fixed it (the blogroll was having a moment) but please do let me know if you see any other oddness ...