Monday, 29 December 2008

The best Christmas presents

A poem from a Tall Small.

A shiny anglepoise lamp with a daylight bulb so I can make jewels for tiny people at night. I need more practice taking photos with it but I am happy! Thank you, lovely family!

Friday, 26 December 2008

Rudolph the grubby hoofed reindeer

Imagine the squeals when we descended on Christmas morning to find this scene in the kitchen. Dirty hoofprints. Blown leaves.

A pile of oats on the floor.

And an upset box on the counter with an incriminating foot mark.

Turns out Rudolph enjoyed his reindeer food (oats & glitter on the lawn) so much he came in through the keyhole to find some more - Father Christmas needs to tether him more securely next time!

Fortunately he didn't get his grubby little hooves on these. Yum.

Hope your Christmas has been, and continues to be, everything you hoped for!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Back at last

Well, it took four visiting BT engineers and heaven knows how much money spent on phone calls to our ISP at 10p per minute but we are finally reconnected. The broadband has been up for 48 hours so with luck it is now fixed for a while ...

It wasn't all bad though - the enforced break meant lots of crafting time and gave my mouse arm a rest. I have tennis elbow apparently brought on by a combination of knitting and blogging - I kid you not. Let me serve as a horrible example to all of you as I face a shot in the elbow in the New Year if it doesn't improve :-( The most annoying thing is I've spent the last 10 years as a programmer with nary a twinge!

There's lots to show you, but I'll start with a little backpack I was asked to make for one of the girls at school. This was my first commission (well, sort of - she's making a donation to the school rather than to me) and I was very pleased with how it turned out. The little pony is adapted from the unicorn at stitchado and I added a tiny beaded name charm too. I had plans to do something similar for my two but am rapidly running out of hours!

Argh, the light. It's either horribly flat or artificially yellow at the moment. I'll have to rig up a light box at this rate!

We've made our gingerbread house this week too - I did the basic construction and the roof tiles but other than that it is a small person construction. They are deservedly proud of themselves, and are quietly pinching sweets off it thinking I won't notice ...

Leftover gingerbread trimmings make fabulously crunchy ice cream topping, and if you add bananas and edible pink disco glitter - well, how much more Christmassy could it be?!

Huge apologies if I owe you email. Hopefully normal service will be resumed now!

Monday, 1 December 2008

All is calm?

I love Christmas, and every year December 1st sees me overjoyed that Advent is here and I am finally allowed to admit my excitement. This year we've been inspired by stunning visions of advent crowns and wreaths, and I remember how as a child I always looked at the Blue Peter version and wished I had one (but candles and tinsel? EEEEEEK! No wonder Mum said no!) So we duly broke out the glass paints and jam jars, and made a wreath of hazel twigs from the garden, and looked forward to last night when we could light the first candle.

And was it a serene and elegant occasion? Was it a joyous family celebration? Or was it a big squabble over whose candle jar should be the first to be lit? See if you can guess ...

(It all turned out well in the end. I don't think anyone is emotionally scarred, but what do I know?)