Friday, 28 November 2008

Teacher presents

Another quick one - our connection is still horribly flaky, and our ISP and BT are busy passing the buck between them. Neither has yet sorted it, and rarely have I felt so powerless. Grrrr. (I wrote this 2 hours ago. It's taken that long for the %&^$£* connection to come back up).

Today we made a start on teacher presents, courtesy of Lina's lovely candle tutorial. I nearly burned my fingers off with the hair drier (and it overheated and cut out at one point) so how glad am I that I don't have a heat gun to hurt myself with?

I'll need to warn them about the tissue paper before they burn them into a small inferno, but my experience of pillar candles is that the outsides don't tend to burn anyway so hopefully they'll be OK!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Quick! Type rapidly!

We've had half a week of very intermittent internet connectivity - it could go down again at any second so I shall make this as brief as possible!!

Congrats to all those who guessed I was/am making angels - 8 of them to be precise, plus 7 shepherds, 3 kings, Mary and Joseph. Not entirely alone - I made 9 of the tunics plus all the headdresses, haloes, crowns etc; while 3 other heroic mums shared the other tunics between them.

This is what they are looking like so far - they still need poppers at the neck instead of safety pins, and models who allow me more than 2 seconds to put on anything other than the angel ...

Huge thanks to clever Gina for the loan of the tunic pattern. And now I have pushed my luck far enough with the internet, so I'm off!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Almost overwhelmingly lovely!

Hmmmm. It seems a week of daily posting burned me more than I had thought! Many thanks for all the lovely comments on my pictures; it's rather lovely to think when I'm tuned in to Woman's Hour that many of you are too.

So, as you may have seen all over the place, last weekend saw a swarm of bloggers descending on various locations around London. I missed the CL Fair on Friday (I didn't dare take Tiny Small in case she was spirited away and made into a lovingly handcrafted tree decoration) but did make it to the Big Smoke for lunch on Saturday, and had the most fabulous day. Ali tagged all the attendees to do a Six Things meme - six things I love and six people to tag. The things I loved about the weekend number more than six -and, predictably, it's all the people who were there - Domesticali, Lucy Locket and her big sister no-longer-blogless-Ally, Moogsmum, Emma Silverpebble (and her delicious Tiny Pebble), Michaela Stashbasket, The Vicious Chicken and NBM.

There were, of course, delicious gifts flying back and forth - anyone would think it was nearly Christmas!

Top to bottom, left to right: Lesley's Christmas trees; Lucy's birds; all that's left of Michaela's fudge; Ali's wreath; Emma's bracelet; Ally's beads.

Thank you all so much for a lovely day!

Now, I'll give you three guesses as to what's been occupying my time this week (not you, Gina!!!):

Answers on a postcard ...

Sunday, 9 November 2008

My faithful friend

Kitchen poetry, day 7.

I love my radio. It is almost always on when anyone is in the kitchen, be it Mr DC listening to Radio 1 in the morning, me tuning in to shout at Jeremy Vine at lunchtime, or the default setting of Radio 4 for the rest of the day. Sometimes I can't hear it over the sound of all my other kitchen friends (washing and drying friends, perhaps the most useful kind, if not the most comforting) but it's good to know it's always there to fill any awkward silences.

I have really enjoyed Kitchen Poetry week, though I don't imagine I'll be starting daily posting any time soon! My hat is off to all of you who manage it. I can't!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Useful brushes

Kitchen poetry day 6

Nearly done! This week I've been busy on the last push for a big fundraising auction at the school, joint with our local playgroup. Tonight was the night - and we raised an unbelievable £3500 before adding in tickets and bar sales. For once, I am speechless.

And shattered.

Friday, 7 November 2008

View from my window

Kitchen poetry , day 5

This is the view of the village church from a funny little window that's next to the cooker hood, and above head height for me. It's home to a collection of plates and pots and mugs painted by the Smalls. They need regular washing as they tend to collect that sticky dust peculiar to kitchens - unless that's just my kitchen, of course, in which case I might run away and hide ...

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Guess how much I love them?

Kitchen poetry day 4.

Chocolate fudge hearts made in the silicon sweet tray I *had* to have and have spent 2 years trying to find a use for. It's not real fudge, as the stuff I made was not a patch on Mrs Magpie's, (it ended up crunchy!!!) but Nigella's express version is yummy straight from the freezer ...

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Keepin' it real

Kitchen poetry 3

Lest you should think I inhabit a Country Living home (and believe me, anyone who has been here will be laughing hollowly at this point) here is our 'control centre'. And to think I wonder why I'm always forgetting things!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

What's cooking?

Kitchen poetry part 2.

This is our beloved oven. It took us six years to replace the old kitchen after moving into the house, and Mr DC designed this one himself around this specific oven. Because he planned it so carefully, the kitchen works perfectly for us - it might not be the way the professionals would have had it but that doesn't matter. The oven cost more than the rest of the (Ikea) kitchen put together and it was worth every penny.

Cooking on there today is my favourite little pan, with cinnamon, cloves and allspice in some water - much cheaper than scented candles and gloriously festive!

Monday, 3 November 2008

I may regret this

Here's my first contribution to Kitchen Poetry week, from SimpleSparrow via Domesticali, Driftwood and Fan My Flame ... and you?

Bread from my favourite recipe - I make this every couple of days.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Through the keyhole

I know a tiny pink cottage with a golden doorbell.

There are windowboxes and pink checked curtains,

a little garden with shell flowers, and a clock on the wall,

But who lives in a house like this?

A tiny yellow bunny who likes to snuggle by the fire at teatime (and whose alarmingly bulging eyes suggest she might have a thyroid problem)

I made this house as a present for my niece's fifth birthday party. Smalls Tiny and Tall offered lots of advice and sang songs from High School Musical to keep me motivated and stop me running off to do the ironing instead. The birthday girl was very pleased and the other two have been asking for their own versions so I think it must have tiny girl appeal. I had planned lots of embroidery for the garden and to have climbing roses around the door, but that would have involved starting it earlier than two days before party day (and in fact the bunny had no ears or legs until an hour before we drove to the celebrations - hence no time to fix the eyes).

The house is based on a lovely tutorial from UK Lass In US, and the bunny is from Julie's tiny bunny pattern. I see more of both in this household in the near future ... I wish the light had been better, but I had to go with the photos I had since we're heading home before the sun is due out again!